Becoming A Solavei Affiliate

Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Recent cell phone start up company, Solavei, has sparked a fair amount of buzz in the mobile marketplace by introducing the idea that instead of simply charging customers for service those same people can be put to use. Every customer is effectively a Solavei affiliate, meaning that they are able to refer new accounts and earn money in return. With a low start up cost and equally low monthly service fee, most customers will be able to either greatly reduce their monthly bill or end up having a negative balance at the end of each month.

With more and more consumers complaining about rising mobile service costs, it’s easy to see why a huge number of start up companies have begun operations. Using this unique approach, Solavei affiliate programs can help the company remove the overhead associated with a regular sales force. There is even word that a tier system will be implemented, meaning that if a customer refers new accounts the person who referred them will also receive payment of some kind, in much the same way that a sales manager receives a percentage of his salespeople’s commissions. Time will tell if this business model will be successful, but with the increasing demand for truly unlimited mobile service and concerns about price increases, it certainly seems to have a good chance.

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